Dimitri Ehrlich


Based In New York, USA.

Dimitri Ehrlich is a renowned multi-platinum songwriter based in New York. As a topliner, he is known for lyrics that are emotionally compelling and startlingly original.

Dimitri’s music has been recorded by more than 100 artists including Westlife, Art Garfunkel, J-Pop superstar Nami Amuro, and Atlantic Records recording artist Enisa. He has co-written songs with Moby, Don Diablo, Teddy Geiger, Toby Gad, Andrea Martin, and The Backstreet Boys.

In November ’22, Dimitri co-wrote “Bouteille à la mer” with Moby and Pete Gordeno of Depeche Mode. The song was released by iconic French Sony Music artist Mylène Farmer and the album quickly reached platinum, becoming the number one album in France in January 2023.

Dimitri’s 2022 song, “Hope” received platinum certification in 2022 (#1 on national radio, #3 on UK dance radio). He has also scored two #1 singles in Japan, a top 10 in Australia, a top 20 in Holland and a top 30 in Germany.

Dimitri is also an Emmy-nominated TV writer, a former MTV VJ, and the author of two books on music. He has jammed with Prince and the Beastie Boys, gotten drunk with Keith Richards, and in his spare time teaches martial arts and boxing: he has fought competitively and trained for 40 years.

There’s a reason producers, writers and artists from Nashville and Los Angeles to Stockholm and Berlin rely on Dimitri Ehrlich as their go-to lyricist and songwriting partner. He has brought intelligence, emotion, and originality to songs for over 100 artists, topping charts around the world, and more than 50 million streams. Quick, funny, affable and masterful with words and melodies, Dimitri is a multi-platinum selling songwriter with a gift for crafting songs that tell true stories, and is able to write in every genre from pop and R&B to country and EDM.

Dimitri’s exceptional songwriting has also found its way into popular TV shows like CSI: Miami, The Americans, Royal Pains, How I Met Your Mother and Love Monkey as well as films such as May The Best Man Win and the Hanni and Nanni series by Universal Pictures. Additionally, Dimitri creates original music for various mediums, including film, TV, the web, and advertisements for renowned brands like Old Navy and Levi’s.


UK 2 x Platinum Album featuring "Last Mile Of The Way" by Westlife, Belgium Platinum Single "Hope" by DJ Licious, France and Beligum Platinum and UK Gold Album featuring Single "Where You End" by Moby, France Platinum Album featuring Single "Bouteille à la mer" by Mylene Farmer, Canada Gold Album featuring Single "Nothing Else Matters" by Garou


Moby, Nami Amuro, Kim Wilde, Art Garfunkel, the Freestylers, Kenn Colt, Tim James, Lee Meade, Queensberry, Some and Any, Joanne Zimmer, The Hanni & Nanni soundtrack, Thomas Anders, Torstein Sødal, Alejandro Fuentes, Charlize Berg, Sharam Jey, T-Ara, The McClymonts, Joan Thiele, Oscar House, Keana, Westlife, Jono, Dean Saunders


Westlife, Moby, Kenn Colt, DJ Licious, John De Sohn, Enisa

SYNC Placements

CSI: Miami (CBS), Royal Pains (CBS), Love Monkey (CBS), The Americans (WB), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Hanni and Nanni (Universal Pictures), May The Best Man Win (Crossroads Films), Old Navy, Levis

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