Topliner / Producer / Artist / Writer / Vocalist / Instrumentalist

Based In Norway.

Noah Émil Johansen aka Whammyboy, a talented 25 year old musician from Norway, is making waves with his uncompromising approach to creating captivating alternative electronic pop music. Born in Norway to a Norwegian mother and Vietnamese father, Whammyboy is a true visionary who thrives on his individuality and refuses to waste a moment of his time.

From a young age, Noah’s passion for music and his natural affinity for computers merged into something extraordinary. He discovered the magic that happens when he spends hours perfecting the nuances of his tracks, ensuring that every element fits seamlessly in the mix. His relentless pursuit of creating ear-catching melodies and harmonies is what sets the Whammyboy project apart.

Not only is Whammyboy a masterful producer, but he also possesses impressive skills as a guitarist. His talent for songwriting matches his prowess in the studio. Noah delves deep into his writing process, embracing both introspection and playful experimentation. His songs strive to engage listeners emotionally and musically, capturing their attention in a unique and profound way.

The journey of Whammyboy’s family from Vietnam to Norway adds a remarkable layer to his artistic narrative. They fled on a small boat for three months trying to escape the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Fortunately, they were rescued by a Norwegian oil tanker, which ultimately led them to settle in Norway. This story of resilience and chance shapes Whammyboy’s music, infusing it with gratitude and artistic richness.

Whammyboy’s creative sanctuary lies within his studio in Bergen, where he takes charge of writing, performing, producing, and mixing all of his music. His meticulous and creative approach to the mixing process establishes him as a true prodigy in the industry. However, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering work ethic. Noah understands that talent alone is not enough; hours of dedicated practice are crucial to achieve excellence. Day after day, he tirelessly hones his craft, refining his writing and mixing skills to create exceptional records.

Whammyboy’s music has resonated with listeners worldwide, receiving positive feedback and acclaim. His live performances are a testament to his undeniable stage presence and musical talent. With a strong support team based in Norway and Britain, Whammyboy collaborates with One Fiinix for international bookings, while Phrased Differently handles his publishing. All Things Live manages his bookings in Scandinavia, and Left Management (Made Entertainment Group) oversees his management.

As Whammyboy’s musical journey continues, fans and industry experts eagerly await his forthcoming projects. With his uncompromising creativity and boundless dedication, Whammyboy is redefining the boundaries of alternative electronic pop music.


Germany: NDR 2, Fritz , Bremen 4, Oldenburg Eins,hsf Studentenradio, Radio Hitwave, Radio NOXX, Radio Westerwald, Radio ZuSa, Energy Sachsen, Ego FM
UK: 4 plays on BBC Radio 1 and Tune Of The Week at Future artists with Jack Saunders.
Norway: NRK-P1, NRK-P3

Playlist Features

Spotify: Fresh Finds Dance, Fresh Finds, Soirèe, Berlin Tag & Nacht, Angesagt! Top Hits!, Kampf der Realitystars-Schiffrucham Traumstrand, Sommer Hits!


Norway: by:Larm, Vill Vill Vest, Piknik i Parken, Trondheim Calling, Rockefeller (supporting Skaar)
UK: The Old Blue Last, Colours, The Great Escape Festival

SYNC Placements

Royalteen (Netflix)

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