Lei Jennings

Topliner / Writer

Based In UK.

Lei Jennings is well known for his versatility in his pen, and his melodies always catch the ear of the listener. Lei has his unique formula that consists of him fusing his background in Dancehall and Hiphop with his love of Pop music making him an in demand topliner working with array of great international artists including icons Duran Duran.

With over half a billon streams and numerous Platinum & Gold awards including three U.K. official chart number 1 awards. The Manchester native just knows how to get the very best out of any artist in the room. His enthusiasm and attitude makes it easy for him to adapt and he knows just how to make the artist feel comfortable when sharing their stories.

Not only a great songwriter but also a talented vocal producer. Lei works closely with artists in the room on their delivery and performance on a record making sure they believe in what they’re trying to sell.


UK 2 x Platinum Single "Rover" by S1mba featuring DTG


Jin JIn, Bizness Boi, Harmony Samuels, Alma Goodman, Kenny Beats, Rymez, Sky Adams


Ivorian Doll, Headie One, Duran Duran, S1mba, Jasmine Flowers, Kamille, Lost Girl

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