Someone Else's Rain


Based In UK.

Someone Else’s Rain are songwriter duo Kid Ryan & Alex Charles, who share a passion for well-crafter, honest music. Mixing influences of new and old; LANY and Fleetwood Mac, The Script and Lauv, Coldplay and Holly Humberstone, SER (abbreviated) set the stage with deeply personal lyrics, and production that fluctuates between organic and electronic effortlessly.

Based in Essex, Ryan & Alex are both accomplished songwriters who met whilst working for and with other artists. After discovering their mutual penchant for authentic pop music and discussing the lack of it in the modern industry, they formed SER with the single goal of changing that.

Kid Ryan began writing and playing instruments in his teenage years, inspired by the likes of The Script and Coldplay. This turned into a career after signing a publishing deal and coining a triple platinum hit for Korean boyband ENHYPEN – ‘Polaroid Love’. After going through heavy life experiences of his own, he has now turned his attention towards being an artist.

Alex grew up playing classical music and fell in love with songwriting at university. He was signed to Sony Music Publishing thereafter and began writing and producing for many artists. Alex still holds classical and musical theatre in his heart – where melody and story are, respectively, at the epicentre of the song.

The Winter EP began formation last year when ‘Ten Times Worse’ was written, it is about a breakup Ryan had experienced. Shortly after, two more songs took shape: ‘If You Ever Come Back’ and ‘Never Stood A Chance’, all written on separate occasions but again, about break-ups. ‘If You Ever Come Back’ was originally titled ‘When I Think About You’, but the lyrics didn’t match the desperation of the topic and so they were rewritten to tell a more honest, emotional, experience. Finally, at the producers house in Barcelona, ‘Cry Them For You’ was penned, the final assertion that the singer has moved on, and is no longer burdened by the breakup.

The Winter EP is set in chronological order. From discovering a relationship is flawed, to breaking up, to accepting it, and to moving on. The stylisation for EP’s is to have one each season, named after the season, and detailing a relatable sequence of events that resonates with the season itself. This way, even in the future, we can all listen back to the EP’s to encapsulate the mood of that season.

2023 objectives for SER include consistent live shows (after having a successful response to a stripped set), and to make more music (with plans for EP1 bonus content and EP2 already underway).

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BBC Introducing Essex Track of The Week (x2) with Live Performance and Interview

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